Bingham Pumps

Willamette Iron Works, later the Willamette Iron & Steel Yard, was founded in Portland, Oregon following the Civil War in 1865.1 In January of 1891, Willamette Iron Works was contracted to supply the city of Portland, Oregon with fire hydrants.2 In the early 20th century, Bingham Pump Company was created as a part of Willamette Iron Works. Bingham Pumps was sold to the Guy F. Atkinson company in the 1960’s and then later sold to Sulzer Pump Company.

Six stage horizontal centrifugal pump, axial split, RPM 3560, GPM Max 1984, TDH 3159.
Stock Number 56910

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[1] History of the Willamette Iron & Steel Yard, Bernstein Liebhard LLP (website)

[2] The Insurance Year Book: Fire and marine. 1891, Volume 19, page 198.